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Winter 2021

Flex Football - Vancouver


No travel, games always at same location

Prepare for Football Season

Preseason work for your tackle football team


Non contact football with rules to enforce safe play

Coach Fundamentals

Work on building your team's passing game while teaching passing defense

Individual Registration

Reserve your spot today!! 

Sign up to play in our upcoming Flex Football League.  

  • Flex's 9 on 9 game play provides a true football field with no head or shoulder contact and no tackling. 
  • Flex includes every position, its athletes are able to experience all aspects of the game. 
  • Players enjoy a fun, competitive environment learning the proper fundamentals and enhancing their football IQ.  
  • Created by NFL Players and modeled after the NFL Offseason program.  Flex is the sport for every child interested in football.  
  • League is designed for a competitive teams who are getting ready for the upcoming tackle football season
  • Newer Teams are welcome!
  • Soft shell equipment is required for FLEX and will need to be rented or purchased prior to start of season via approved vendor.  
  • Grade is based on 2020-2021 school year.


Above pricing includes tax but does not include bank processing fee.  Soft Shell Equipment is required for Flex and will need to be rented or purchased prior to start of the season via an approved vendor.

Team Registration

Save when you register as a Team

Coach or Team parent will register and pay for the team.  There is a $150 discount ($10 per player).  How this process works:

  1. When submitting the team registration the coach / parent will invite kids to join.  You will need the players name and a parents email address.
  2. Parents will receive an email with a link to fill out all of the info needed for the roster.  Kids will not be added to roster until parents complete this waiver.
  3. Coach or Team Parent will pay for the team upfront.  Team registration is a $150 overall discount from individual registration.  ($10 a kid discount)
  4. Parents will reimburse the person who registers the team for their portion.
  5. Teams are limited to 10 kids per team for the registration fee.  Due to changes as a result with COVID-19, teams are limited to 15 players.  Tackle organizations registering more than 1 team will be permitted to have higher roster size but will be required to split to 2 teams if roster size is more than 18 players.   Teams need a minimum of 10 players.
  6. If players on a team registration also do a individual registration, we will refund their individual registration back to them.  We can not move the registration fee over to the Team or refund the coach.

*$150 discount is based on teams size of 15 kids compared to if you registered 15 kids at the individual registration fee during early registration period.

Flex Football Overview

Sunday Games

  • All teams required to attend Week 0 to get gear, uniforms.  Will also have practice and scrimmage to get ready for following weeks games. 
  • All teams included in the post season tournament. 
  • Games on 2/7 may be played on 2/6 or early on 2/7 due to Super Bowl scheduled later in the day.