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Winter 2021


Focus on FUNdamentals

Learn key football skills

Age Appropiate Learning

3 to 5 Year Old

Have Fun!

Be Active!

Camp Format

45 Minutes a Week

Toddler Zone 2

NEW Spring Program for 3 to 5 Year Olds

Pick 6 Sports Toddler Zone is a new program designed for kids ages 3 to 5.  Toddler Zone offers an introduction to the fundamentals of Football in a fun, non-threatening environment.  Weekly program is a camp format where kids will spend time learning basic football concepts, drills to practice skills, and fun games to reinforce those skills.  

Program Snap Shot:

  • Ages 3 to 5 
  • Camp Format
  • 5 weeks.  Runs from Game 2 to Game 6 at local Flag League location.  
  • Each session runs 45 Minutes.  Takes place 30 minutes prior to Pre K game.    
  • Kids get a Pick 6 T-Shirt and Medal at end of program
  • Program is lead by Pick 6 Sports Coaches. 
  • Program cost is $60+tax
  • Registration is now open!

Program is offered this Spring at Washington, Idaho, and Utah Locations.   Get in the Zone today!

Register today for a spring program

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How can I find which locations are offering this program?

The Toddler Zone is being offered at all of the Spring 2020 Flag locations in Washington, Idaho and Utah this spring season.  

To see all of our spring locations check out:


When you register, the form will give you a list of options to select.  

When does the program start?

All of the Toddler Zone programs will start on the 3rd week of our Spring Programs. 

Dates can be found by visiting the Spring location page for the Flag League.  When looking at the Flag League schedule the Toddler Zone program would start on Game #2 of the flag league season listed on the schedule. 

Local league pages can be found using this link:  https://www.pick6sports.com/leaguefinder/

The program is 5 weeks long and will run thru Game #6 on the schedule.  

Where can I find the full schedule?

Dates can be found by visiting your local Spring Flag League location page.  When looking at the schedule the Toddler Zone program would start on Game #2 that is listed on the schedule. 

Local league pages can be found using this link:  https://www.pick6sports.com/leaguefinder/

The program is 5 weeks long.  It starts on Game #2 and will run thru Game #6 on the schedule.  

Times of the camp will take place 30 minutes prior to start of the Pre K / Kindergarten Game.  

What time is the program?

Times of the camp will take place 30 minutes prior to start of the Pre K / Kindergarten Game.  

To Find the time guidance, check out your local league pages via this link:  https://www.pick6sports.com/leaguefinder/

Schedules and Times can be found on this page.  As a reminder Toddler Zone starts on the schedule on Game 2 and runs thru Game 6.   

My child has never done any sports before?

If your child hasn't done anything like this, no problem at all.  

This program is designed to give kids an introduction to the game of football.  Focus will be to have a fun introduction, have them be active, learn key concepts thru fun games, and ensure they are tired out for the ride home.  

My child is shy, can I be present?

Yes, we love parents being involved with their kids out on the football field.  Some of the best memories we have with our kids are spending time with them on the field. 

Pick 6 Sports will have coaches running the camp, but love to have parents close by or involved with their child on the field.  

At the end of the camp, the Coach will have the Kids and Parents review the Fundamental concept.  The purpose of this is to allow the parents to talk with the kid about the concept and potentially practice it during the week. 

I have a 5 year old, should they do Toddler Zone or the Flag League?

For 5 year old kids, we do have 2 options for them.  

Toddler Zone - 5 Week program that is a 45 Minute weekly Camp.  This focuses on having fun, learning skills, and playing games to reinforce skills.   

Flag League - 8 week program where we offer a Pre K and Kindergarten division.  The format of this is a 30 to 45 minute practice followed by a 30 minute Flag game.  This is a more competitive due to it being a game against another team.    

For the parents making a choice between the programs.  Some factors to consider:

  • Toddler zone is a good first introduction for younger 5 year old.  If they haven't done a sport before or don't have older siblings.  
  • Flag league is great for 5 year olds who play other sports or have older siblings. 

For 5 year old kids who sign up for Flag League, that does have 2 weeks prior to start of Toddler Zone.  If after the first week it is not a good fit, we can always move them down to the Toddler Zone.  

What type football do they use?

The Toddler Zone is using a Nerf Branded Pick 6 Sports football.  

Is this program only offered in the Spring?

Toddler Zone will be offered during all of our Flag Seasons.  Currently Pick 6 Sports runs leagues in Spring, Summer, and Fall.  

Summer & Fall 2020 Registration for Toddler Zone opens on May 1st. 

Camp Overview


Wondering what the kids will be doing during Toddler Time?  Below is a sample of the agenda of the weekly Camp.    

Get Energized!

  • Welcome High 5's, Name Reviews, and get kids suited up
  • Funny Fundamental Cheer of the Week

Warm Up / Be Active

  • Fun Warm Ups
  • Introduce athletic concepts during warm ups

Fundamental Review

  • Go Over Previous Fundamentals 
  • Fundamental Game / Drill

Fundamental Introduction

  • Introduce New Fundamental Concept for the week
  • A few fun drills to practice the concept


  • Fun Games to focus on continuing learning and putting all of the fundamentals together


  • Parents get to have the Child show them the fundamental they learned this week and what they can do at home.   
  • Closing High 5's and Recognizing All Kids
  • Funny Fundamental Cheer
  • Crazy Clean Up