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Winter 2021

Update on Spring 2020 Season


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Status:  Washington Leagues postponed to Spring 2021.

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Status:  All Leagues postponed to Spring 2021. 

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Status:  League will move forward with starting play in Mid June in accordance to phase 4 of the State Re opening plan.  

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Status:  Chico, CA program has been postponed to Spring 2021. 

Update on the Spring 2020 Season

Dear Pick 6 Sports Families,                                                                        

Hope you and your families are staying safe and practicing social distancing during this national crisis.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families as we understand this has had impacts on many of you.  We also want to say thank you to the many first responders, nurses, and doctors who are part of our program.   

Update on Spring 2020:

  • Washington / California / Utah - Spring 2020 Leagues have been postponed to Spring 2021. 
  • Idaho - League will move forward with starting play in Mid June in accordance to phase 4 of the State Re opening plan.  

State by State Update

  • California - Program has been postponed to Spring 2021
  • Idaho - Programs will start in Mid June. 
  • Oregon - Program cancelled for Spring 2020
  • Utah - All programs postponed to Spring 2021  
  • Washington - Postponed to Spring 2021

What will happen to my Spring Registration Fee?

  • In event season is postponed to Spring 2021, we will proactively move your registration to Spring 2021.
  • We do offer additional options including a refund, moving to Summer or Fall 2020 season, or hosting a Flag Football Party.  Please use the Request Form / Move to 2020 to submit this request.   Link to Submit Request
  • Refund will be cost paid for Spring League minus the $45 for equipment that has already been purchased.  This equipment will be mailed to you within 2 to 3 business days of the refund.  Additional purchases such as Swag Bags, Footballs, and Socks will also be mailed.  
  • Equipment for all refunds done before April 25th is being mailed the week of April 27th.
  • Refund Request deadline for Spring 2020 season is May 15th. 

Once we have a final decision on the spring season, we will let you know.

Stay safe and please continuing to practice social distancing. 

Rodney Brown and Glenn Widmer

Common Questions on Spring 2020 Season & Potential Postponement to 2021

What is the update on Spring 2020 Season

  • Majority of our leagues have been postponed to Spring 2021.  
  • We are realistic and at this point it is looking unlikely that we will be able to play Flag Football this season
  • When will you make the decision? Official decision to postpone season until 2021 will be made no later than early May.   Over the past 30 days things have rapidly changed, and we want to wait a few more weeks before postponing to 2021.  If there are any changes made by local governments before that time we will make the decision sooner.    

Why wait if you think it is unlikely?  We would hate to cancel today and then find out in a few weeks we could go forward.  We know everyone is ready to get outside and be active.

What will happen to my Spring Registration Fee?

  • Your Spring 2020 registration will be moved to Spring 2021. There is nothing you need to do, we will automatically move you over to next Spring Season. 
    • We will be reaching out to you in the fall to have you fill out a new registration form to ensure we have the most accurate information on your child.
  • If you would prefer to move to the Fall 2020 season or have us do a flag football Party for your child and their friends, please fill out this form. Link to Form
  • Party option would be a great way to get your child’s friends together after a long shelter in place time to get outside and be active. Typically, these parties cost $250 and we would just do it for what you paid for your season. 

What if I want to get a refund?

  • We can provide a refund minus the cost of equipment but would ask that you reconsider to move your registration fee to next year or have us do a party for your child and their friends.
  • To request a refund please use this link. Refund Request Form
  • Refund will be cost paid for Spring League minus $45 for equipment that has already been purchased.
    • Equipment has already been purchased and is not returnable
    • Additional Gear such as Swag Bags, Footballs and Socks will be mailed to you.  Those items will not be refunded. 
  • Equipment that is being charged will be mailed to you within 2 to 3 business days.  Once the shipping label is created you will receive a tracking email.
  • Team Registrations will be cost paid after processing fees minus $400 for the uniforms.  This a flat fee but on average works out to $40 per player on a team of 10.  
  • Once the refund has been processed it can take up to 5 days before they show back up on your account.  

Why can’t I get a full refund?

  • A portion of the registration fee has already been spent on non-refundable equipment.  This equipment is being mailed out to you. 
  • Equipment was ordered specifically for your child.  
  • The timing of the delay occurred a few days before the start of the majority of our leagues in March.  Registration fees were spent on:
    • Jerseys, Flag Belts, Mouth guards
    • Insurance
    • Equipment for Coaches
    • Field and Bathroom Rentals
    • Labor on hiring, training, team building, and scheduling
    • Hosting training for coaches, referees. 
  • We want to ensure that everyone who wants a refund can get one minus the cost of the non-returnable equipment that has been purchased.
  • I want to assure you we are not trying to give any excuses, just trying to be transparent and open.  A good portion of registration to ensure your child had a great experience when they showed up at the field in early March.

Who can I talk to more about this?

  • Like many businesses, this postponement of the Spring season has represented a major financial loss to our company. 
  • Please reach out to Customerservice@pick6sports.com with questions or to request a phone call.  Denay and Mario are monitoring this box to ensure a timely response. 
  • Best way is to fill out this form so that we can work thru them as quickly as possible Link to Refund / Move Season Form
  • We apologize in advance and know that this is a different experience currently due to reduced staffing. The best way is for you to fill out the form so that we can get it processed for you as quickly as possible.  

Can I get the equipment?

  • Yes you can and will get the equipment.  
  • As part of the refund process, the equipment is mailed out to you.
  • For refunds prior to April 25th, all equipment is being mailed the week of April 27th.   

Is there anything I can do to help Pick 6 Sports during this time?

  • We appreciate being part of the community and look forward to providing programs in your area in the future.
  • Best way you can support us is to move your registration forward to a future season, or have us throw your child and their friends a Flag Football party.  
  • Purchase Pick 6 Sports Gear - Visit our store and help purchase gear that we had planned to sell this upcoming season.  Visit Pick 6 Sports Store
  • Continuing to practice social distancing so we can get our country back to normal