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2018 NFL Flag REgional Tournaments




Earn a Trip to the Pro Bowl in Orlando in January 2019!

NFL Flag hosts a number of Regional Tournaments every fall to qualify teams to compete at the National Championship which is hosted at the Pro Bowl in January at ESPN's World Wide Sports Complex at Disney World.  This is a once in a lifetime experience for kids to not only compete against the top teams in the country, but be part of Pro Bowl week.  

Want to go to the Pro Bowl?  Simple just sign up for a Regional Tournament and win your age group!

For teams that qualify for the Pro Bowl the majority of costs are covered outside of Airfare, a few meals and incidentals.  Now is your chance to qualify to go to the Pro Bowl!


The NFL Flag Regional Tournaments is designed for teams who have participated in an NFL Flag Program over the past year.  Due to this, NFL Flag requires Pick 6 Sports to register your team with USA Football.  Below are the steps you will need to do to get your team registered:


Step 1:  Player Account Creation with NFL Flag  - Have your parents complete an agreement for their child.  (We won't be able to register your team until this is done)

  1. Parents go to https://nflflag.com/parents
  2. Step 1 - Ensure your parents select a Pick 6 Sports league.  We will not be able to register them if they select a different league.
  3. Step 2 - Create an Account
  4. Step 3 - Add Players

Step 2:  Coaches Account Creation with NFL Flag

  1. Coaches go to https://nflflag.com/register
  2. Create an Account / Fill out the Form
    1. During this step you need to Associate your account with Pick 6 Sports
    2. Check the Box under Phone Number "I want to associate with my league"
    3. Select the "Coach" Role
    4. Select a Pick 6 Sports League.   We will not be able to register you for the tournament if you select a different league. 
  3. Please note only 2 coaches are permitted to be on the roster / sideline for the tournament.

Step 3:  Register Your Team with Pick 6 Sports  - Coach or Team Parent completed the registration with Pick 6 Sports and Make Payment.  


Step 4:  Pick 6 Sports will register your team with NFL Flag.   Pick 6 Sports will follow up with any questions and work to get your team registered with USA Football


Seahawks Logo

Seattle Seahawks Regional Tournament

August 25th - Star Fire Sports Complex

Reserve your spot on the team today!! 

Registration Deadline extended to August 19th!

Above pricing does not include local sales tax and bank processing fee.

Raiders Logo

Las Vegas Raiders Regional Tournament

November 3rd - Las Vegas, NV

Above pricing does not include local sales tax and bank processing fee.

Rams Logo

LA Rams Regional Tournament

November 10th - Thousand Oaks, CA

Seahawks are playing in LA on Nov 11th.  Could be a fun weekend!

Above pricing does not include local sales tax and bank processing fee.

Cardinals Logo

Arizona Regional Tournament

December 15th - Glendale, AZ

Above pricing does not include local sales tax and bank processing fee.

Age Group / Divisions

Age brackets for tournament play:

  • 9-10 Coed (Teams may be made up of coed, all girls, or all boys)
  • 11-12 Coed (Teams may be made up of coed, all girls, or all boys)
  • 13 - 14 Boys (Boys Only)
  • 13 - 14 Girls (Girls Only)

Please note:

  • Age is based on the player's age on August 1st 2018
  • Players be required to submit proof of age / eligibility at tournament check in
  • Players can play up an age level.  No exceptions will be made on playing down an age level
  • Players must live full time in Region 1 of the Tournament Locations Map.  
  • For teams advancing to the Pro Bowl, only the players / coaches on the roster for the regional tournament will be eligible. 


Check out some of the highlights from previous NFL Flag Regional tournaments. 

Pick 6 Sports Girls team on King 5 News before heading to the 2018 Pro Bowl!

tournament Format

  • Each team is guaranteed three games.
  • The top two teams from each pool advances to single elimination playoffs.
  • The winners of each division in each tournament qualify for the NFL FLAG Championships.

Uniforms & Equipment

  • NFL Flag will provide jerseys at the tournament for the team to wear.  They are required to wear the issues jerseys. 
  • Players will need to bring their flag belts.  Flag belts will be available for purchase at the tournament. 
  • Teams will be required to use the NFL Flag Intermediate (brown) football.  Team footballs are not allowed at the tournament.  


Please take a minute to review the tournament rule book for the NFL Flag Regional Tournament.  The rules for this tournament is slightly different from the Pick 6 Sports NFL Flag rule book.  


Just a few things to be aware of that NFL Flag calls out:

  • NFL Flag does reserve the right to cancel the tournament.  In the case of cancellation NFL Flag/ USA Football will not reimburse any teams, players, or spectators for any expenses incurred including but not limited to airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and food. 
  • Tournament Registration fee will be refunded. 
  • Don't wait to the last minute to register.  There is a delay between registering with Pick 6 and for Pick 6 being able to register your team for the tournament.