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Winter 2021

Maple Valley


1 hour practice followed by 1 hour game

Football Programs

Focus on Progression to different programs as skills grow


Non contact football with rules to enforce safe play


Build self confidence via fun in learning new skills

Winter Football Programs Update!  2021 is right around the corner and our new Winter Football programs will kick off in January.  Time to get signed up to play football this winter!    

Individual Registration

Reserve your spot on the team today!! 

Sign up to play in our upcoming Flag Football league.  

  • Non Contact football with rules to enforce safe play
  • Every player will receive a jersey, flag belt, and mouth guard. 
  • Play with your friends while being active and having fun!


Above pricing does not include local sales tax and bank processing fee.

Team Registration

Save when you register as a Team

Coach or Team parent will register and pay for the team.  There is a $100 discount ($10 per player).  How this process works:

  1. When submitting the team registration the coach / parent will invite kids to join.  You will need the players name and a parents email address.
  2. Parents will receive an email with a link to fill out all of the info needed for the roster.  Kids will not be added to roster until parents complete this waiver.
  3. Coach or Team Parent will pay for the team upfront.  Team registration is a $100 overall discount from individual registration.  ($10 a kid discount)
  4. Parents will reimburse the person who registers the team for their portion.
  5. Teams are limited to 10 kids per team for the registration fee.  Due to changes as a result with COVID-19, teams are limited to 10 players no exceptions.  Teams need a minimum of 7 players.
  6. Teams who have their roster finalized by December 16th will have their teams jerseys mailed to the coach.
  7. If players on a team registration also do a individual registration, we will refund their individual registration back to them.  We can not move the registration fee over to the Team or refund the coach.

*$100 discount is based on teams size of 10 kids compared to if you registered 10 kids at the individual registration fee during early registration period.

Sunday Games

  • Teams must have a .500 or better record to advance to the Superbowl Tournament.

weekly time guidance

  • Times are based on historical times and serve as a guidance for game time.
  • Times are subject to change based on team counts or field availability.
  • Practice is 1 hour before game start time except for Pre K / K which is 45 minutes.
  • Practice time will not show on your schedule.
  • Grades based on 2020-2021 School Year.

Parent testimonials

"I'm very excited about the organization of the teams, coaches and communication with families. We had a seamless experience from sign up to playoffs. The coaches were warm and dedicated and highly engaging. My child had his best team sport experience ever." Kristin


"I was very impressed with this program from the first Saturday. Everyone was very organized, friendly and encouraging to all the kids."  Camille


"Loved the positive feeling with Pick 6 and it was a real great introduction for kids that have never played." Andrea


"Overall this was a great experience.... His team coaches were incredible, they made it fun to learn the game, every kid got to play and the kids all improved and had a ton of fun."  Car G.


"My kids & I Love it!!! Very well organized league & the affiliation with the NFL is great with the reversible jerseys."  Brad


"We really enjoyed the Pick 6 program over the last year. It was a great, safe way for our son to learn about football, get some exercise and hang out with friends."  Connie


"Love it and the association with the NFL. The kids feel more connected, competitive while having fun."  Don


"Beautiful field and very well organized!"  Dick F. 


"I think its awesome the program is solid."  Andre


"Was our first year playing and we loved it. We had great coaches who were very patient with my son."  Robin


"Well organized, great referees (I rarely say this!)....all about fun!"  Vic


"Love that there is a professional and well run flag football program for my boys."  Wendy


"Pick 6 was a great experience and all three of my boys loved it!"  Todd


"Positives are the infrastructure and amazing reply times by support and leaders of Pick-6."  Doug

Hear what parents are saying about their recent experience with Pick 6 Sports.  

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Flag Football League

Who is ready for Flag Football?  All of our programs are non contact, with a once a week commitment with practice and games on the same day.  Kids get to dream big out on the gridiron.  Great way to continue to improve your skills, hang out with your friends, and be active this fall!  Check out all of the information below.  

Field Information

Games are played at Summit Trail Middle School.

Meet the General Manager

denay picture

Meet the Field Manager

Now Hiring

Interested?  Email Rodney Brown

Notes about the field:

  • Field is the Turf field
  • No parking in the fire lanes.  Additional parking is available in front of the school
  • No pets of any kind are permitted on school grounds
  • All trash needs to be packed out and taken home
  • Water only allowed onto the field.  
  • No smoking / vaping allowed

Ready to step onto the sideline and lead a team this upcoming season?  Awesome, the kids really appreciate you volunteering this season!

As your kids sign up for the program, please encourage them to list your first and last name in the Coach Request form.

If you have coached before with Pick 6 Sports, we do need you to complete this registration for each season.  This allows us to get all information about your upcoming team and ensure we have you ready to go for the upcoming season.

All coaches will need to complete a background check.  Pick 6 Sports does require coaches to complete 1 background check each calendar year.