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Fundamental of the Week Program

Pick 6 Sports is dedicated to helping kids build self-confidence on the football field by having fun and learning the fundamentals of the game. Pick 6 has partnered with USA Football to develop a Fundamentals of the Week program. Just like the college and pro teams, we send our kids through a USA Football FUNdamentals camp where we focus on the fundamentals of the game to get them ready for the upcoming season. Each week we ask our volunteer coaches to focus on a specific fundamental of the week during practice.

This is a great resource for not only coaches, but for kids and parents who want to practice the fundamentals of the game during the week.

Program Overview

Welcome to the Fundamental of the Week program!

Week 1: Snapping the Football

Learn how to correctly snap the ball to the quarterback.

Week 2:  Taking a Handoff

Before you can go BeastMode on the field, you must learn the correct way to take a handoff.

Week 3: Pass Catching

Learn how to catch a football above and below the waist.  In this video will learn the different techniques.

Week 4:  Flag Pulling

Learn and teach the proper technique of pulling a flag.

Week 5: Pass Catching Part 2

Learn how to catch a football over the shoulder.

Week 6:  Throwing the Football

Learn the proper form to throw a spiral.