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PICK 6 Sports Parent and Coach Code of Conduct


Pick 6 Sports is striving to put a smile on every kids face by showing them how fun it is to be active and to play football. Our programs is "All About the Kids" and we have a Coach and Parent code of conduct to ensure that the kids have a fantastic time out on the game field.  Please take a few minutes to review the videos on how you can ensure all kids  have a great time on the Flag Football field!


Glenn, Rodney, and Denay

Welcome Video

New to Pick 6 Sports?  Hear from us all about our program and how it works.  (Video is 16 minutes)

P - Postive

The P stands for the Power of Positive Coaching & Encouragement.  Learn how you can support all  kids in a positive manner.

I: Instruct the Fundamentals

The I stands for Instruct the Fundamentals.  Help kids build self confidence by  developing the fundamentals of the game.  Learn about our Fundamentals of the Week Program.

C: Communication

The C stands for Communication.  There can never be enough communication.  Lets us know right away so we can address it to ensure the kids are having a fantastic time!

K: Kids are #1

The K stands for Kids are #1.  The kids are why we all are here!   Let's ensure the focus remains on the kids and that all kids have a great time!

6: Respect

Everyone at the field is there for kids to have a great time and to feel comfortable watching the kids.  Please respect everyone from the Referees, to the volunteer coaches, to the other parents.  Coaches are respecting their players with playing time  expectations.