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Thinking of coaching?

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that will put a smile on your face? Pick 6 Sports is always looking for great people to serve as role models to help mentor, develop, and make it fun for the kids!

Our Flag Football league is built on great volunteer coaches. All of our coaches for our leagues are volunteer coaches. Pick 6 Sports provides our coaches with great tools, training, and resources for all of our coaches to be successful.

Why volunteer to coach?

  • Spend quality time with your kids while being active on the football field.  Take it from us whose kids are now to old for youth sports, we have created a lot of fun lifetime memories with our kids and their friends out on the football field. 
  • Coaching doesn't require a big time commitment.  Most parents are going to be out watching their kids practice and play, so why not get involved?  Time commitment is the same as your child's time commitment for the most part.  Coaches may spend 10 to 15 minutes a sending an email out to the team or making a quick practice plan over your morning cup of coffee.  
  • Where else can you turn off your phone for 2 hours and just focus on your kids?
  • Pick 6 Sports does provide tools for all coaches to be successful.  Check out our Fundamentals of the Week program and Play Card
  • Have the opportunity to pick your Team your kid wants to represent this season.  
  • Most importantly it is a chance to have fun, while making the game a positive experience for kids in your community.  Its not about the wins or losses, it is about how help build self confidence in kids that allow them to excel in other aspects of life. 

Hear from Pick 6 Coaches on their experience

complete these steps to register to be a Volunteer coach

It is easy to sign up to be a volunteer coach!  There are 3 simple steps that should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.  If you are planning on coaching a team this season, we recommend coaches do this right away as it helps us get your team reserved in our system and we will start placing kids on your team as they sign up.  This helps you have access to who has signed up.  (This can be done prior to signing up your child)

Step 1 - Complete the TeamSnap Registration form to allow us to quickly gather information on your team, what NFL Mascot you want to be, who should be on your team and gets you into the system.  Every coach should complete this form for each season you are coaching.

Step 2 - Background Check - We require all volunteer coaches to complete a background check 1 time each calendar year.  We do use Backgroundchecks.com one of the leaders in the industry for youth sports.  The process is very easy as it will ask you to create a quick account, fill out a few pieces of information and then hit submit.

Step 3 - Coaches Clinic - Pick 6 Sports does put on a coaches clinic each season.  Our main process for these is done via webinar.  Simply sign up for the date that works for you or watch the offline recording.  The replay link will be published after the 1st webinar of each season.   We strongly recommend all new coaches attend and this is a good format for coaches to ask any questions on rules, how to use TeamSnap, format or schedule questions.



Common Questions

resources For Coaches

Rule Book - Check out the Pick 6 Sports rules book for all the questions on Game Play.

Fundamental of the Week - Spend 5 to 7 Minutes a week working on a key fundamental.  Videos and PDF provide coaches with a drill they can fit into their practice plan.

Play Card  / Play Books - Need some plays?  Every coach receives a laminated play card to be able to quickly show the kids in the huddle a visual play so they understand what they are supposed to do on each play.

Coach Certification - Become a certified coach thru USA Football.  This is a free course that is open to all coaches.  Learn how to coach five critical flag positions, gain understanding of important health and safety protocols, and access drills (19 in total) to help install basic techniques with your players.

Training Videos - Want to get more in-depth into rules such as Flag Guarding?  Check out these short videos that go into the rules with some visual demonstrations.

Code of Conduct - Pick 6 Sports is "All About the Kids" and we want to ensure our Coaches / Parents follow our code of conduct to ensure kids have a great time on the field.  Check out the videos and PDF of the Pick 6 Sports code of conduct.

Coaches Clinic  - Check out the replay from a past coaches clinic, or flip thru the presentation that was covered at the last Coaches Clinic.  Use the above links to sign up for a future clinic.

Support Site  - Check out our support site that has a lot of great articles to common questions and discussion on rules.

Post Season Tournaments  - Want to know all about the post season tournaments that Pick 6 Sports offers?  Check our our page that has all of the information on the post season and how it works.  We make it easy for teams to make it to the big game by finishing with a .500 or better record during league play.

Got more questions on coaching?

We'd love to hear from you if you have additional questions we can assist with.  Feel free to reach out to Customer Service or one of us below!

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