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Referee and Coach Training Program

Pick 6 Sports is All About the Kids!!  We are dedicated to helping kids build self-confidence on the football field by having fun and learning the fundamentals of the game.  This space is all about rules as want to ensure kids have a great time out on the playing field.  For our referees we are looking for the to:  1)  Ensure a Safe playing environment by ensuring appropriate rules are called in a consistent manner.  2) Setting the tone of the game by being enthusiastic and supportive to the kids.  3) Officiate the Game

This training is a great resource for all of our referees and coaches to take time to go thru all of the videos and power points on the different subject.


Watch an introduction of our training program and how we ensure kids have a great time on the field.

Flag Guarding

Learn about Flag Guarding and when to call the Penalty. This is one of the top penalties you will see in Flag Football.

Illegal Contact - Part 1

Pick 6 Sports is a Non Contact League. Learn about the different types of contact and when a flag should be thrown.

Illegal Contact - Part 2

Discussion on illegal contact continues in Part 2 and why a flag should be thrown when there is contact.

Rushing the Quarterback

Learn about when it is legal for the defense to rush the quarterback in flag football.

Forward Pass

Discussion on what is a legal forward pass, what the quarterback is able to do and pass only zones.

Welcome to Pick 6 Sports!

It is All About the Kids!  Hear a welcome message about your role in ensuring kids have an awesome time

Volunteer Coaches

Hear from our volunteer coaches on whey they loving having a great time on the football field with the kids!