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7 on 7 League - November 2020

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7 on 7 Team Registration is open for the 7 on 7 Winter League starting in November! Registration deadline is end of day on November 4th 2020.

- Team Sign Up only for this competitive league.
- New Programs League is designed for a competitive teams who are getting ready for the upcoming tackle football season
- Ages 3rd thru High School and run thru December 12th
- Games on Saturday in the Bellevue Surrounding Areas and teams to provide own uniforms


 Pick 6 Sports - Fall League Updates

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Washington League Updates

  • * League Play can only happen for Counties that are in Phase 3.  
  • * For Leagues in Phase 2, we have pushed back starting dates to October 24th / 25th to give more time.  If we do not start by this date, we will be cancelling the fall season. Right now we are in a holding pattern. 
  • * Pick 6 Sports Training Academy - Under phase 2 we can do limited training and will be doing this in Kent, Gig Harbor, and Seattle.  Groups will be under 10 and remain social distanced on the field.  
  • * Fall Registration is currently on pause except for Olympia.  Once decision made to move forward it will be reopened. 

Leagues Starting Play:

  • * Olympia - Kicks off on September 20th
  • * Kent - Kicks off on October 25th
  • * Marymoor Park - Kicks off on October 24th
  • * 7 on 7 League - Kicks off on November 8th

Pick 6 Training Academy:

  • * Kent - Starts September 20th
  • * Gig Harbor - Starts September 20th
  • * Seattle - Starts September 6th

Programs Cancelled

  • * 3 on 3 Basketball
  • * Spokane
  • * Vancouver

All other leagues are in a holding pattern until we get more info.  


Utah Logo

Utah League Updates

  • * League Play is started on August 29th, next game is on September 12th.   
  • * Still time to get signed up and join a team! Registration Deadline is September 11th.

Leagues Starting Play:

  • * Bountiful - Next game on Sept 12th
  • * Clearfield - Next game on Sept 12th
  • * Sandy - Next game on Sept 12th
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Chico League Updates

  • * Pick 6 Training Academy Starts on October 25th.  
  • * Players who have a Spring 2020 can sign up, just send us an email!
  • Want to sign up? Click here! 
Idaho Logo

Idaho League Updates

  • * Decision made to cancel all Fall Leagues as Summer / Spring season just completed last month.  
  • * Looking forward to seeing everyone in Spring 2021!

 Pick 6 Sports Training Academy


While we aren't able to get on the field at the majority of our Washington League Locations, we have able to offer the Pick 6 Training Academy.

Pick 6 Training Academy Overview

- Meets Weekly on the Field Kids will be in small groups and work with a Pick 6 Sports Coach to focus on Fundamentals of football, have fun, and get outside and be active. Program will practice social distancing standards and the groups will be spread out on the field.
- Zoom Mid Week Meeting Coaches will be meeting with the kids during the week on Zoom to review key concepts, fundamentals and focus for the upcoming session.
- Program is roughly 75 to 90 Minutes a session Program runs weekly. If we are able to transition to league play under Phase 3, we would then move you onto a team.
- Registration Credit for Spring 2020 or Fall Participating in this program would use your Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 registration. Program would run up to 6 different sessions.

- Where is this offered? Currently this is offered at our Kent, Seattle, and Gig Harbor areas. Please note we are not able to have players travel from different counties to attend.

- How do I join. Insterested in joining?
Send us a message at customerservice@pick6sports.com


 Pick 6 Sports - Return to Play Safety Plan


Pick 6 Sports is committed to the safety of its players, staff, coaches, and spectators and will continuously seek and implement protective measures as prescribes by local, state, and national authorities. As we get back to games this upcoming season, Pick 6 Sports has made a number of changes to ensure safety of our families.

Changes in Response to COVID-19

- Limit Spectators per Family Recommending 1 fan for each player with no more than 2 fans per player.
- Coaches, Referees and Support staff will be wearing a mask when talking directly to players fans, or each other.
- 5 Yard Restricted Zone Around the Field Fans will be 5 yards off the field and we ask them to practice social distancing around the game field.
- Equipment Teams will use their own footballs, and there will be a break every 5 minutes to swap out footballs for cleaning. Players will not share any waterbottles, towels or drinks

- No Under Center Snaps and Half Moon Huddles Snaps must be in a shot gun or side snap for younger kids. Huddles will be half moon to keep kids spread out.


- Health Screening Pick 6 Sports will be doing a health screen for all of our employees which includes a tempature check.


Rule Changes for the Upcoming Season!


How did you spend your quarantine time?  Pick 6 Sports rules team spent their time revamping our rule book!   All changes are designed to make the game more exciting and closer to traditional football rules. 

Highlights of Changes:

  • Teams have 3 downs to get a 1st down or score.  On 4th down teams can either punt (no kicking / just moves ball to opponents's 10 yard line) or go for it.  When going for it, if line of gain is not achieved ball will turn over where ball is down.  
  • Possession of the ball now starts at the 10 yard line (Orange Cone).  Fumbles or Bad Snaps marked where ball hits the ground. 
  • Pro Clock the last minute of each half.  Clock will stop at 1 minute and then stop on all dead ball.  PAT during this time is un timed. 
  • Rush line moved to 10 yards from line of scrimmage.
  • 7 second pass clock has been removed. 
  • Onside Play is available the last 5 minutes of the game for teams that are trailing.  In this scenario teams can elect an onside play where they have 1 down from the Orange Cone to get a 1st down to maintain possession. 
  • Removal of the No Run Zone at mid field.  Only No Run Zone is 5 yards from the goal line.  
  • Ball Carriers / Receivers may use Backward passes or legal pitches (Laterals) past the line of scrimmage.  Prior these were only permitted behind the line of scrimmage.  Please note in the No Run Zone, the ball must cross the line of scrimmage in the air. 
  • Coin Toss / Equipment and Safety check added at the start of each Game. 
  • Restricted Zone added to 2 yards on each side of the field.  The Officials are now positioned on the sidelines and no longer in middle of the field.  This will be marked with Red Cones on the field. 
  • Mercy Rule updated to 17 points with 1 minute left in the game or 34 points at any time during the game.  Once Mercy is called, coaches may agree to continue to scrimmage.  
  • Officials will be using Preventative officiating when possible.  This entails the official coaching up or warning the child before they commit a penalty.  Example is a kid who is lined up offside may be coached by the Official to move into the correct position.  
  • Unruly behavior by spectators, fans, coaches, or players will result in penalties and potential disqualification from the game. 

For more information check out the full Rule Book which includes a training guide on the rules.  There is also a link to a Rule Book change discussion lead by Dave Ralston our Director of Officiating.  The new rule book will be implemented with the kick off of our Summer 2020 programs. 


IMG_0768 (1)

Fall 2020 Flag Football registration is now open!! Lock in the best price of the season when you register by May 1st.

- Pick 6 Sports is back in Washington, Northern California, Idaho and Utah this Fall!
- New Programs Keep an eye out as we are looking at adding some additional programs as we get the Spring Season underway.
- Currently our Fall 2020 programs are scheduled to kick off the weekend before Labor Day Weekend and run thru end of October.



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With the potential postponement of our Spring 2020 season, we need your help.  One of the ways you can support our business during this time is purchasing Pick 6 Sports gear.   

What's in the Store?

  • Order a Football either a Game Ball or the Wilson Composite ball
  • When ordering a football, it will show you the size to ensure you get the right ball for your player
  • New Pick 6 Sport Hoodies
  • Bags for $5.  The Drawstring or Tote bag is a great way to keep all of your flag gear organized and in one spot during the season.
  • Pick 6 Sports Baseball Caps
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